Skills Continuums

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Open and closed skill

Open Skill

A skill that is affected by the environment and is also performed in a dynamic or changing situation.

Examples in Sports:
tennis, rowing, kayaking

Closed Skill

A skill that is perfomed in an unchaging environment and has no impact on the performance.

Examples in Sports:
Gymnastics, weight lifting 

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Fine and Gross Skill


Small, precise movement with lots of accuracy. the use of small muscle groups.

Examples in Sport:
Archery, fencing and shooting


Strong, powerful movements using major muscle groups.

Examples in Sports:
Gycling, weight lifting 

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Self Paced Skills

Performer decides when the movement beguins and the pace in which it is performed.

Examples in Sport:
Archery, Shooting, Fencing 

Externally Paced Skills

Skill initiated by something other than the performer and the pace in which it is performed.

Examples in Sports:
Tennis, Sailing 

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Discrete skill

A movement that has a clear beginning and end.
Examples in Sport:
Shooting, Archery and fencing 

Serial Skill

Series of specific movements chained together in a sequence.
Examples in sport:
Triple Jump, Trampolining, diving, gymnastics

Continuous Skill

No clear beginning or end usually endurance sports/ events.
Examples in Sport:
Running, swimming, cycling. 

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