Skill Related Components of Fitness

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Skill Related Components of Fitness


C - Coordination

"The ability to use two or more body parts together."


  • Allows a movement to be performed efficiently and smoothly
  • More acurate hit on the incoming ball (racket sports)

Example - Hockey; coordination allows you to move your feet whilst your hands control the movement and the posistioning of the stick. So you can both pass and recieve the ball.

Test - Alternate hand wall throw

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Reaction Time

Skill Related Components of Fitness


R - Reaction Time

"The amount of time taken for a perfomer to react to the presentaion of a stimulus."


  • Allows the performer to move their body to accurately return a shot
  • Allows quick decisions to be made
  • Allows the performer to get a quick start - advantage over components

Example - Sprinter; would need a fast reaction time to quickly get off the blocks. Allowing the sprinter to gain a advantage over their competitors as they would be able to start the sprin quicker.

Test - Ruler drop test

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Skill Related Components of Fitness


A - Agility

"The ability to change to the direction of the body quickly whilst controlling the movement of the body."


  • Increased speed
  • The ability to keep up with a fast game tempo - with many changes in direction
  • Improved balance and coordination

Example - Badmington; would need agility as it would allow them to quickly change their position on the court so they can accurately return a shot.

Test - Illinois test

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Skill Related Components of Fitness


B - Balance

"The ability to control the bodys centre of mass above the base of support."

Static - Stationary    Dynamic - Moving


  • Smoother movements
  • Improved agility

Example - Gymnast; balance allows them to perform posistions such as a handstand, where the base of support is small. These can therefore be performed accurately and smoothly.

Test - Standing stalk test

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Skill Related Components of Fitness


S - Speed

"The differential rate at which an individual is able to perform a movement or cover a distance in a period of time."


  • Advantage over competitiors when racing (for line or ball)

Example - Footballer; to reach the ball before their component, allowing possesion of the ball.

Test - 30m sprint test.

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Skill Related Components of Fitness


P - Power

"The abiliy to do strength performances quickly."



  • Greater force can be exerted
  • Expolosive sports

Example - Rugby player would need power when going in for a tackle. Their speed and strength combined would allow them to create a greater force against their component, forcing them to the floor (successful tackle).

Test - Standing broad jump

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