Skill Related components of fitness

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  • Amount of time it takes to perform a particular action or cover a particular distance 
  • Vital in any race- used by a runner,cyclist or swimmer 
  • Can also be used for a javelin thrower since they need to be able to bring their arm through very fast to get the maximum distance possible 
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  • The ability to retain the body's centre of gravity above the base of support with reference to static or dynamic conditions of movement, shape and orientation
  • 2 types of balance Dynamic Balance (when moving), e.g golf when swinging a shot you needed to be able to keep balanced on the floor and Static Balance (when stationary) e.g doing a handstand on a beam in gymnastics
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  • Changing direction quickly whilst controlling the movement of the whole body
  • Players in rugby would use this because to dodge a tackle from opposition 
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  • The ability to use two or more parts of the body together
  • For example the body parts that are moving together could be eyes and hand when playing tennis- to be able to watch the ball and use your hand to direct the racket onto the ball to take a shot
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Reaction Time

  • Time it takes to react to a given stimulus.
  • Particularly  important in an event where there is a definate start to a race e.g. Starting gun in a running race
  • A hockey player needs to be able to decide quickly how to respond to the passes made by a team member 
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  • Ability to do stregth performances quickly
  • In order to have power you must have strength and speed
  • High jumper needs power to lift from the floor to clear the bar
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