The Khalsa

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The Khalsa

  • The Khalsa was started by the tenth Guru, 'Guru Gobind Singh' in 1699.
  • The Guru took 5 people into his tent and supposedly killed them.
  • When the Guru had finished all of the men came out of his tent wearing saffron-yellow robes.
  • These five men were then called the 'panj piare' the beloved ones.
  • The group of men were called the 'Khalsa' which translate as the pure ones.
  • They can only belong to this group if they are without fear and ready to die for their faith
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  • Amrit is a special type of drink it is a mixture of sugar and water.
  • The amrit is stirred by a two sided sword. (Khanda)
  • The Amrit is is drunk by everyone in the same bowl this is to show equallity.
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The Sikh Family

  • Men are called Singh which means lion.
  • Women are called Kaur which means princess.
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The 5 Ks

  • Kesh - means uncut hair. Guru Gobind Singh said that the hair should be allowed to grow naturally. It should be combed twice a day.
  • Kangha - this is a small wooden comb which keeps their hair in place and it is a symbol of cleanliness.
  • Kara - this is a plain steel bangle worn at the right wrist it is worn as a symbol not as jewellery.
  • Kirpan - this is a short sword. It reminds Sikhs to fight against evil. A kirpan can only be used in defence.
  • Kachera - these are short trousers worn as underwear. When the 10th Guru was around people used to wear long loose clothes, he said a new style would be a symbol that they were leaving behind old ideas.
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