Sichuan, China Earthquake

Case Study of Sichuan, China Earhquake (LEDC)

[China, Sichuan]

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Location (Data) / Plate Movement / Predict, Prepar

12th May 2008, 2:30pm

Sichuan, Central China

7.9 Richter Scale (Lasted 4 minutes)

Collision Plate Margin - Indo Australian Plate collides with Eurasian ... Compression between them caused thousands of faults, one of the fault lines slipped and caused the Quake.

Earthquake Proof buildings - BUT only up to 7 on Richter Scale (Sichuan was 7.9)

Short term emergency planning - help survivors

Ground Shaking


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Response / Facts & Figures / Why so devastating?

Army parachuted in and G.ment sent a text to warn everyone

Search and rescue teams - Troops had to walk in - roads were blocked - Even Planes / Trucks couldn't come

Red Cross and other charities helped - provided Food Parcels, Safe Water Supplies, Warm Quilts, Tents and Hygiene Items.

67,000 People killed

375,000 injured

Over 5 million houses destroyed

COST - US $150 billion

NP// One Child Policy - Whole generation dead

Poor construction on houses and schools

Densely Populated

Remote Area - Hard for people to get there and help

Even the after shocks were REALLY bad (6 on Richter Scale)

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