Shrewsbury- Retail

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Location& Shopping facilties

  • Shrewsbury is located in the county of Shropshire (formerly Salop), in central England, close to the Welsh border.
  • Telford is 25km away
  • Two linked shopping centres: Pride Hill and Darwin
  • In the Sundrome(reatail park) there are major stores e.g. tescos, homebase
  • Five main shopping centres
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The Issue

  • Shrewsbury has avoided being called a 'clone town' by keeping individual shops as well as major shops
  • During the 2008/9 recession independant shops suffered.
  • There is an ongoing debate about whether to expand surburbun retail= meeting the needs of the consumers.
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What are they doing about it?

  • The planners don't want to damage Shrewsbury as a town so they are helping develop independent shops if they want to stay in the town centre.
  • A business called ' All little shops' are working with small shops to increase trade, for example they can set up a web page so they can do online trade too.
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