Should the UK retain its uncodified constitution

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No it should change

  • A written document that comes with a codified constitution would be easily accessibly by everyone including the public- know their rights
  • If the current party in power have more than 50% then it is very easy to pass bills, as they only need 50%+ 1 vote to pass through the commons, this means they need hardly any support from other parties 
  • Key provision would be entrenched- Human rights act, protecting rights as they would be hard to change
  • Easier for the courts to interpret what is lawful behaviour- as all written down in one place
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Yes it should retain

  • Constitution seems to be working well currently
  • There is no overwhelming demand for a change 
  • The flexibilty of the constitution means it is easy to keep up to date and evolve with the times- adapt to any situation that might occur
  • Seemingly ok protection for rights 
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