Short and Long Term Memory

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Short Term Memory


Peterson and Peterson

Consonant Syllable said to participant

participant given a distractor task then asked to recall the consonant syllable

They're study showed that the duration of the STM was about 20 seconds at most


Marsh et al- when participants don't expect to be tested they can forget in just 2 seconds

other studies have shown that the duration of the stm can be much longer and a study showed that items could be recalled after 96 seconds and that it seemed that information remains in stm for quite a while unless other material replaces or overwrites it.

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Short Term Memory


Millers Magic Number 7

7 +/- 2 items


Cowan- reviewed a variety of studies and concluded that the capacity of the STM is limited to about four chunks


Baddeley gave participants lists of words, some acoustically similar and some dissimilar.

Participants had difficulty remembering acoustically similar words in short term memory

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Long Term Memory and Evaluation


Baddeley 1966

gave participants words that word semantically similar and dissimilar words. Semantically dissimilar words were more easily stored in the Long term memory.


STM does not always use acoustic coding, visual codes can also be used when doing a visual task.

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