Short-Term Climate Change

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Impacts of Short Term Climate Change

- More expenditure on firewood in order to keep warm, such fires will contribute to air pollution 

- Shorter growing seasons, failing crops and therefore a lack of food

- Scarce food and water -> increasing mortaility rates 

- People migrating to warmer areas 

- Decreasing sea levels 

- Limited transport of goods because of frozen rivers 

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Causes of Short Term Climate Change

- Volcanic Eruptions >huge amounts of sulphur dioxide and dust in strasophere  >areosol effect - solar radiation reflected  >reducing temperatures by 5-10%

- Sunspot Theory >Black areas on the sun showing how active it is   >the more spots, the more energy emitted   >during the little ice age there was very few to no sunspots

-Albedo Effect > the reflectivity of he surface of the Earth   >low temperatures during the little ice age would have caused more snow and ice   > lighter areas reflec, darker areas absorb   >increase cooling effect   > postitive feedback 

- Ocean Currents > uneven heating of the Earth causes convection currents that create prevailing winds and ocean currents  >ocean currents have strong effects on nearby land   >cool ocean currets cool the air above   >warm ocean currents heat the air above 

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Example - The Little Ice Age

- The river Thames froze over regularly 

- Grwoing season was shortened by one or two months compared to present days 

- Little crops because of lack of understanding of crops that could withstand extreme coldness 

- Diseases, poor nutrititon and famine killed millions

-  Cold, wet summers lead to breakouts of illness 

- During the 1550s deaths outnumbered births 

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