Shelley's Frankenstein Thematic Quotations

Themes in Frankenstein with various quotes 

Depiction of Women

  • Margaret's view of W's enterprise - "and enterprise which you have regarded with such evil forbodings"
  • Safi's past life - "immured within the walls of a haram, allowed only to occupy herself with infantile amusments" 
  • Safi compared to nature - "dispelling their sorrows as the sun dissipates the morning mists"
  • Elizabeth can subdue Victor - "she was there to subdue me to a semblence of her own gentleness""gentle femenine fosterage"
  • Elizabeth's spirit - "she was the living spirit of love to soften and attract" 
  • Impact of Margaret's letters- "I may receive you letters...when I need them most to support my spirits"
  • Angelic descriptions - "celestial eyes", "saintly soul" 
  • E's effect on V - "Elizabeth alone had the power to draw me from these fits" 
  • J's beauty cannot save her - "all the kindness her beauty might otherwise excite was obliterated in the minds of the spectators"
  • E cannot save Justine - "I wish that I were to die with you" 
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Critique of Society

  • Monster's insight - "it gave me an insight into the manners, government and religions of different notions of earth" 
  • Man's viscious power - "was man, indeed at once, so powerful, so virtuous and magnificent, yet so vicious and base" 
  • Disgusted at man's ferocity - " When I heard the details of vice and bloodshed, my wonder ceased" 
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  • Those in poverty - "a vagabond and a slave"
  • Victor's idealism like reovulitonaries - "the beauty of the dream vanished and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart"
  • Monster's intro to social divisions - "I heard of divisions in property, immense wealth and squalid poverty, of rank, descent and noble blood" 
  • DeLacey's suffering - "it was poverty...they suffered that evil"
  • Birth of monster upon shock - "I saw the full yellow eye of the creature open; it breathed hard and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs" 
  • E's condemnation of monarchs- "the republicans of our institution have produced simpler and happier manners than those which prevail in the great monarchs which surround it" 
  • Nov 1792 - "it was a dreary night in November"
  • The creation - "the miserable monster whom I created" 
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Social Prejudice

  • Men = unprejudiced "the hearts of men, when unprejudiced...are full of brotherly love and charity" 
  • Monsters meeting with Will "this little creature was unprejudiced" 
  • E's clothing - "despite the poverty of her clothing, seemed to set a crown of distinction" 
  • E compared to children - "she appeared of a different stock"
  • People's impression of monster - 2they behold only a detestable monster" 
  • E's origins - "daughter of a milanese nobleman"
  • E = rose - "bloomed in their rude abode, fairer than a garden rose among dark leaved brambles"
  • Monster sees his reflection - "How was I terrified when I viewed myself in a transparent pool" 
  • M believes he is an M - "I became fully convinced that I as in reality the monster I am" 
  • Other children - "hardy little vagrants" 
  • Monsters description of himself - "this miserable deformity"
  • E shouldnt be kept in poverty - "it would be unfair to keep her in poverty and want" 
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  • F's indirect murder of W - "I, not in deed, but in effect, was the true murderer" 
  • Victims of V's hands - "William, Justine and Henry - they all died by my hands"
  • F unleashed monster - "I had unchained an enemy among them"
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  • Power of Destiny - "destiny was too potent" 
  • Destructive words of fate - "such were the words of fate - enounced to destroy me" 
  • The storm in the stars - "the storm that was eben then hanging in the stars, and ready to envelop me" 
  • F's fate almost complete - "my fate is nearly fulfilled"
  • Nothing can change V's destiny - "nothing can alter my destiny" 
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Nature vs Nurture

  • M and lack of father - "no father had watched my infant days"
  • F's parents affection "inexhaustable stores of affection" 
  • Should the monster have been a soldier -"perhaps if my first introduction to humanity had been made by a young soldier...I should have been imbred with different sensations" 
  • F's father abour Agrippa - "my dear Victor do not waste you time upon this"
  • W's father's dying wish - "my father's dying injunction had forbidden me"
  • V about childhood - "no human being could have posessed a happier childhood than myself" 

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  • V's work - "secret toils" 
  • F dizzy at size of prospects - "I became dizzy with the immensity of the prospect it illustrated" 
  • F hopes to renew life - "renew life where death had apparently devoted the body to corruption"
  • Physical excitment - "breathless eagerness"
  • Disgust at 2nd process - "a flithy process"
  • Effect of 2nd process on heart - "my heart often sickened"
  • F's blinding enthusiasm - "enthusiastic frenzy had blinded me to the horrors"
  • Why F cant complete task - "I was unable to overcome the repugnance to my task"
  • New species - "a new species would bless me as its creator" 
  • Spirit of life - "a new spirit of life animated my limbs" 
  • W restores V - "restored him to animation", "showed signs of life" 
  • "Deamon", "devil", "vile insect" 
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  • Monster cant access - "I was shut out from intercourse with them" 
  • Devotion to one object - "my mind was filled with one though, one concept, one purpose"
  • W without F - "my affliction for my guest increased every day" 
  • Why F doesnt visit Genevea - "I paid no visit to Geneva but was engaged, heart and soul, in the pursuit of some discoveries", "I have been so deeply engaged in one occupation"  
  • M compares himself to Adam - "like Adam I was apparently united by no link to any other being in existance" 
  • Monster's isolation cure - "the love of another will destroy the cause of my crimes" 
  • Numbeness - "I seemed to ahve lost all soul or sensation"
  • Physical impact of isolation - "my person had become emaciated with confinement" 
  • Walton's want for company - "I desire the company of a man" 
  • Monster = inhuman - "I was not even the same nature as man" 
  • W to Marg - "I have no friend, Margaret" 
  • Unable to appreciate nature - "my eyes were insensible to the the charms of nature"
  • "encompassed as I am by frost and snow"
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Pursuit of Knowledge

  • Living in the perfection of his works (W) - "Live in a paradise of my own creation" 
  • Life of man = small price for knowledge - "one mans life or death was a small price to pay for the aquirement of knowledge"
  • Prefers glory to wealth - " I preferred glory to every enticement that wealth pleaced in my path" 
  • Wealth = inferior glory - "wealth was an inferior object; but what glory would attend the discovery" 
  • F soul fighting enemy - "I felt as if my soul were grappling with a plapable enemy" 
  • Divine learning that monster wants - "this was indeed a god-like science and I ardently longed to comprehend" 
  • F's prospect of glroy - "astonishment", "delight", "rapture"
  • Size and complexity of F's plan = no reason for giving up - "Nor could I conside the magnitude and complexity of my plan as any argument of its impractibilty" 
  • Extremes Walton endures- "I voluntarily endured cold, famine, thirst" 
  • W satisfying intrigue - "I shall satiate my ardent curiosity"
  • Discovery's benefit to humanity (w) - "the inestimable benefit I shall confer to all mankind"
  • F warning to W - "Learn from my how dangerous the aquirement of knowledge"
  • Deep want to penetrate nature-  " a fervent longing to penetrate the secrets fo nature"
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Paradise Lost

  • Serpent of knowledge - "a serpent to sting you"
  • Monster indulges on screams - "glutted myself wiht their shrieks of misery"
  • Monster's inner rage - "a hell bore within me"
  • W's wish to discover - "undiscovered solitude"
  • Monster = satan - "many time I considered satan a fitter emblem of mycondition", "I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel"
  • Untouched world - "never before imprinted by the foot of man" 
  • F wanders -"I wandered like an evil spirit" 
  • The apple - "the apple was already eaten"
  • Monster/7 deadly sins - "bitter gall of my envy rose within me"
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  • Discovering deepest secret- "explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation"
  • New species- "a new species will bless me as its creator"
  • F's relationship to monster - "you were my father, my creator" 
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