Shakespeare-the globe theatre

The globe thearte

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Facts about the theatre

Facts about the globe are:

  • It is an open air theatre.
  • The theatre holds 3000 people-1000 stand in the pit.
  • It cost 1 penny to stand in the pit.
  • People would go there to be spotted or to spot important people.
  • People went there because they liked seeing important people being mocked.
  • The people in the pit were given the nickname on groundlings.
  • Some of the groundlings would get either board or drunk and start throwing nuts and rotten veg.
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Facts about theatre in genral

some facts about theatres are:

  • In londen some of the important people tried to get it banned.
  • theatre was more popular than bear baiting, **** fighting and sword fighting. INfact it was the most popular form of entertainment in londen.
  • One important person called it the school of saten.
  • A training actor was called a hirling.
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