Sexual Selection

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Natural Selection

About nature selecting the most fit to survive and reproduce. Then the genes get passed down to the offspring.

'Survuval of the fittest'.

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Sexual Selection

Characteristics that we choose that increase the chances of reproduction.

increases mating success.

characteristics possessed in order to ensure reproductive success.

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Intrasexual selection


Refers to the competition between members of the same sex for access to memebers of the opposite sex.

In most cases this means males fighting for access to other females.

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Intersexual selection


This refers to thepreferences of one sex for memebers of the opposite sex who possess certain qualities.

It usually refers to females choosing a male.

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Preferences for selection

Females look for men who are: strong, healthy, wealthy, older and attractive because they can only produce one offspring at a time and want to ensure the best qualities are passed on.

they offer: healthy, beauty and youth.

Males look for females who are: young, healthy, attractive, nurturing and have an 'hour glass' figure.

They offer: stability, strength and attractiveness.

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