SETTING QUOTES - "The Bloody Chamber"

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The Lady of the House of Love

"funerary urns"

"the peasants abandoned the village"

"derelict bedroom"

"cracked mirror"

"shadows that fall almost imperceptibly awry, too many shadows"

"One hot, ripe summer in the pubescent years of the present century"

"a blast of rich, faintly corrupt sweetness strong enough, almost, to fell him. Too many roses. Too many roses bloomed on enormous thickets that lined the path, thickets bristling with thorns"

"The mansion emmerged grudgingly out of this jungle"

"the door, which swung back on melodramatically creaking hinges"

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The Company of Wolves

"It is winter and cold weather. In this region of mountain and forest, there is now nothing for the wolves to eat."

"the portals of the great pines where shaggy branches tangle about you."

"as if the vegetation itself were in a plot"

"as though the wicked trees go fishing on behalf of their friends"

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The Bloody Chamber

"Sea; sand; a sky that melts into the sea - a landscape of misty pastels"

"faery solitude of the place; with its turrets of mistly blue, its courtyard, its spiked gate"

"that castle, at home neither on land nor on the water, a mysterious, amphibious place"

"That lovely, sad, sea-siren of a place!"

"the castle was adrift, as far as it could go from the land, in th emiddle of the silent ocean"

"it floated like a garland of light"

"the corridor wound downwards; there was an almost imperceptible ramp to the thickly carpeted floor. The heavy hangings on the wall muffled my footsteps, even my breathing."

"naked rock, they gleamed as if they were sweating with fright"

"torture chamber"

"Wheel, rack and Iron Maiden were, I saw, displayed as grandly as if they were items of statuary"

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The Snow Child


"Fresh snow fell on snow already fallen; when it ceased the whole world was white"

"They came to a hole in the snow; the hole is filled with blood."

"Jere os a raven, perched on a bare bough"

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The Tiger's Bride

"Everything flowers, no harsh wind stirs the voluptuous air."

"The sun spills fruit for you"

"the deathly, sensual energy of the sweet South infects the starved brain; it gasps: "Luxury! More luxury!"

"But when the snow comes, you cannot escape it"

"this dark, bitter city"

"When we left Russia we owned black earth, blue forest with bear and wild boar, serfs, cornfields, farmyards"

"The chill damp of this place creeps into the stones, into your bones, into the spongy pith of the lungs"

"sunless, featureless landscape, the sullen river sweating fog"

"the vast man-trap, the megalomaniac citadel of his palazzo"

"vaulted chamber opening on out of another like systems of CHienes boxes into the infinite complexity of the innards of the place"

"a veritable cell, windowless, airless, lightless, in the viscera of the palace."

"There was a reek of fur and ****"

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