Set Notation

Detailed description of Set Notation, what each piece of notation means.

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Set Notation

A = set A B = set B

A N B Elements in both Set A and Set B

A U B Elements in Set A or Set B or both

A ' Elements not in Set A

(A U B) ' Elements not in Set A or B or both

A N B ' Elements in Set A and not in Set B

n (A) Number of elements in Set A

A C B Set A is contained inside Set B (Set A is a subset of B)

A = {x:x>5} The elements in Set A are >5

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Groups of Numbers

N Natural numbers - positive integers

Z Integers (positive and negative)

Q Rational numbers - any number that can be expressed as a fraction

R Real numbers - anything, for example pi

C Imaginary numbers, for example the sq rt of -1

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N instead of intersection symbol. not useful. 

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