Sequences (Nth term)

I have made some revision cards for how to work out nth term

Hope they help :)

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How to find out the nth term of a sequence

If i have this sequence;


And i wanted to find out the nth term...

I would;

find the difference between each number


then i would find out the previous term

so i would;


So the nth term of my sequence is;     2n+1

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How would i find out the next term of my sequence?

If i had this nth term;


And i wanted to know the first term, just substitute n for 1;

1 x 7=7

The first term is 3

If i wanted to know the 50th term

50 x 7= 350
350-4= 346 

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how to find the nth term when the difference isa multiplication factor ?

eg  1   3   9   27

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