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Evaluation Sentences for essay's

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Deterministic- A..... approach to this topic is deterministic, arguing that humans are robots responding to their genes/biology/environment. However some individuals behave differently to expectations. For example......

Design of the study- Because this research used...... design there were good/poor control of extraneous variables/difficulty with operationalisation/repitition effects. The strength/ weakness of this is......

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Reductionism- As this theory uses biological/genetic/environmental explanations above others it reduces human behaviour to just one component ignoring other factors. Other studies have included a different approach and these show that....

Replicability- This study can/cannot be easily replicated because..... this is a strength/weakness because results help demonstrate reliability.

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Ethics-This study raises ethical issues of informed consent/deception, although this means that demand characteristics were lower. It is against BPS regulations.

Ecological Validity This study is high/low in ecological validity because.....High ecological validity is good as it shows the results can be generalised to many real-life settings and that the results were not due to lab-based demand characteristics.

Extrapolation- This study relies on extrapolation evidence from animals to humans however our mental capacities are not the same and therefore we must be careful about its conclusions.

Evidence- This evidence experimental/correlational showing that....This is a strength/weakness because it allows/does not allow us to reveal a causal relationship.

Ethnocentric- This data may not stand-up cross culturally for example..... therefore the approach is only based on explanations of behaviour appropriate to Western countries and does not explain all of 'human' behaviour.

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Androcentrism- These studies only tell us about one gender because it only studied women/men. This is a weakness because it does not tell us about female/male behaviour.

Method- The method used was lab/field/observational/interviews. This method is good because..... but it also has has weaknesses such as.....

Sample- The sample taken was too large/too small. It only looked at a certain age/gender/occupational/ability group. It was/was not randomly selcted, this is a strength/weakness of the methodology.

Large samples are best as they ensure reliability and random samples are best however they are difficult and costly to achieve.

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