Self Awareness, Self Disclosure Empathy, Sympathy and Humour


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Self Concept

Relatively stable set of perceptions you hold of yourself consisting of feelings, thoughts, strengths, weaknesses abilities and limitations.

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Factors that Contribute to the Self Concept

  • Self Knowledge
  • Ideal Self
  • Other peoples images of you
  • Self evaluation
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Personal Idenity
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Components of Self Concept

Self Esteem- how much you like yourself

Self Awareness- the extent to which you know and understand yourself, this is developed for the purpose of becoming authentic, congruent and open with patients.

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Charteristics of an Effective Communicator

Authentic/Genuine - being real, the person who you truly are.

Congruent - make sure that you actions match your words.

Open - project yourself as approachable and available.

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Self Disclosure

Types of communication where you reveal information about yourself,  Increases awareness of yourself.  The ability to self disclose depends on degree of self awareness and self acceptance.

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What Influences Self Disclosure

Who you are - Sociable vs non, confident vs non

Audience size - small group or pairs.

Topic Dependant - Hobby/job vs sex life.


Gender - Females disclose more.

Receiver Relationship - People close to us -family, friends. spouse.

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