Selection and Use of Storage

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Random acess memory.

Volatile memory - This means when the system is turned off memory will be lost

The tempory memory is stored on a chip in the devise. This is where the data is held

It is like using a whiteboard and writting the same information over it.

Read/Write memory - Meaning that it can be editied by the user


EDEXEL - data is written and help on the RAM until it is saved or downloaded on a disk

If you want to edit the file again , you simply load it back onto the ram

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Read Only Memory

Non Volatile - This memory is stored on a chip ,Non V means that when the system is turned off the data will still remain on it

Read - Cannot be altered by any users

Used to hold instructions to start the computer. 

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File Size









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Primary And Secondary Storage

Primary Storage - Chips inside the computer. Internal Storage

Examples - ROM and RAM

Secondary Storage(Backup data - Additional Items are added to the device and is used as backup storage , External storage. 

Examples - Magnetic Disk , Magnetic Tape , DVD , CD - RW 

DIS - Unlike primary storage the amount of time taken to obtain data is slightly more

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Backup Storage - Magnetic Disk Drives

Magnetic Disk Drives- Can be classified according to whether the media containing the data is hard media or soft media

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