Selection and use of software

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Qualtive data

qualitive data is text based data

it can range from being in different formats such as a leaflet or a letter.

The most appropiate software would be microscoft word or publisher.

This is the best software package as it allows the user to easily type, edit and save their document.

Word has a tool which allows information from a spreadhseet or database to be 'mail murged' which allows key information such as names and adresses can be linked to letterws without having to type the information out seperatly.

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Quantitative data

Quantitative data is numerical and graphical based data: such as sales figures.

These ideas are often shown at weekly meetings inside a buisness, an example of this could be of Michael Sant who works for Aston Martin, his role is to review the stock. In order to keep track of wastage each months he would need to show this data in his work to present to his boss and co-workers. He would most likely use a graph to show this as it can show the various months as well as numbers of resoures wasted and levels of stock to help support his presentation. The two main packages which could help Michael would be a spreadsheet or database software package which displays numerical and graphical ifnormation in a effective way.

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characteristics of word processing software.

can  be used to create a variety of buisness documents from buisness cards to leaflets. It allows you to use the kind of software such as fonts, colour and italics. As well as to import pictures and diagrams to the document.

Text can simitanously be added to the number of collumns and printed in landscpae or portrait. As well as making it easier to create tables in the software as well as page numbers.

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Characteristics of spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets can also be formated in the way word procesing documents can by using colour and fonts such as ittlaics, bold and underline. Cells can be shaded in colour or greyscale to enhance their apperaence.

Also well as spreadsheets can be used to create charts and graphs.

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characteristics of database.

Database can be used to store information and then create reports or specfic queries.

You can set up a data bas to specify the freils that are needed to store data, and the type of data used in each feild.

Data can be stored in a table but can be entered via a form. A relational database contains a number of tables with at least one common feild. the common feild links the table and enables quries to be made that combine information from all the linked tables.

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factors that influence software choice.

The type of information as well as awhere the data comes from is an important factor for consideration.

Internal data can include sales figures, customer detials and staf information.

Whereas, external idata can be found from goverement statistics, journals and compeitors information. This is information organisations can use.

If the user wants to produce a information sheet, leaflet, or letter and the information is mainly text based: the most appropiate software would be word, as it allows the user to insert graphics and tables to make the document look more profeshional.

The user simitanously wants to include a mixture of images and text to produce a promotional leaflet which in that case, publisher would be idea. The user could use the template to help layour their work more effectively.

If the user wants to do caculations which include the creation of graphs, database software would be ideal as it would produce reports based on data.

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local and wide area network.

the LAN (local area network) is a network connected by wires or wireless which is available within a single physical boundary. This allows computers to be linked to each other or a main server enabling computer users to share files and resources like printers or backup systems. In school, all computers are properbly connected under LAN which enables us to see our files on whichever computer we use.

Whereas Wide area networks such as WAN are networks that cross phsycical boundaries which may cover an entire town or countries. This enables sites to be linked together such as your school may being connected to other schools within your local education authority by a wan.

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