Sedimentary Rocks

Clastic or Non-Clastic info

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(products of physical waethering)

(Clastics means bits)




(conglomerate- rounded transported particles+matrix+cement+rivers/beaches etc.)

(Breccia - angular, little transport, scree slopes)

Medium - 2mm - 0.05mm

(Orthoquartzite - quartz grains +quartz cement, rounded)

(Arkose - Pinky Purpley, 15% Felspar)

(Grit - Angular Sandstone)

Fine - 0.05mm-0.025mm


(Clays - Clay is structureless,slightly plastic)

(Mudstone- Structureles, harder and more compact)

(Shale - A fisslie mudstone, laminated , layered - paper shales)

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Non Clastic

Inorganic Precipitates

(products of chemical weathering dissolved in water and precipitate out later)


(Chemical Limestones- oolitic

- Pisolitic


Halite (NaCl)

Limestone (CaCo3)

Gypsum (CaSO4)

Organically Formed Rocks

(Remains of Plants and animals)

Coal (Lignite, Bituominous, Anthracite)

Chalk(pure limestone made of cocoliths-(plankton))

Oraganic Limestones(Shelly, Coral, Crinoidal, Algal)

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