Section Three: Decision to enter the war

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Decision to enter the War


Prime Minister Salandra feared neutrality

If Triple Alliance won, Italy would be threatened as they were committed to the alliance

It would also put Austria in a stronger position to resist border revision with Italy

If the Entente powers won then they would not be sympathetic to Italy's territorial ambitions in the Mediterranean

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Decision to enter the War


Italy had to enter the war at some point and negotiate with both sides to obtain the best possible deal

Austria-Hungary would give some territory but not give Trentino or Trieste

At the Treaty of London in 1915 the Entente promised Italy Trentino, Trieste, south Tyrol, Istria and Dalmatia

They would also give some colonies, probably in Africa

Thus Italy entered the war on the side of the Entente in May 1915 to boost their ambitions of becoming a great nation

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