Section A

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Section A

Question 1                                                                                AO1-15 Marks

Knowledge of Linguistic Features,

Identify the form/function and an example,

Question 2                                                                               AO3-10 Marks

Explain contextual factors which help to create the data,

Question 3                                                                               AO2/AO3-10 Marks

Knowledge of Key Constituents,

Knowledge of Mode,Tenor,Field,Function,

Question 4                                                                               AO2/AO3-15 Marks

Investigate differences between types of data,

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Assessment Objectives

AO1-Select and apply a range of linguistic methods,to communicate relevant knowledge using appropriate terminology and coherent,accurate written expressions.

AO2-Demonstrate critical understanding of a range of concepts and issues relating to the construction and analysis of meanings in spoken and written language, using knowledge of linguistic approaches.

AO3-Demonstrate expertise and creativity in the use of English in a range of different contexts,informed by linguistic study.

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Linguistic Features

Syntax - The grammatical arrangement of words in sentences.

Morphology - The rules for forming admissible words.

Pragmatics - The study of language use.

Discourse - Extended verbal expression in speech or writing.

Lexis - All of the words in a language.

Semantics - The meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text.

Cohesion - The state of cohering or sticking together, if a sentence, for example is to be cohesive it would have to make sense.

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Key Constituents

Phonology-the sound of the letters,

Lexis-the word choice,

Morphology-the smallest unit of a word that holds gramatic meaning,

Grammar-the sentence types,

Semantics-the meanings of the words,

Discourse-the written and spoken features,

Pragmatics-theories of language,

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