Section 1B Representation

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Representation 1B

It is useful to start off with a definition: "The process by which the media represent the 'real' world (Rayner)

- people - social groups; age, gender, social class

- places

- nations

- ideas

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Representation 1B

  • The main character in the trailer is a teenager, a typical drug dealer/distributor 
  • Because of the setting and the age of the character we used our own experiences to shape this character's presonality, this is what we know drug dealers around here wear, speak and act like.
  • Polysemy will not apply here as this is a very generic representation of this group of people, no matter what class you may be, therefore the reading will be very dominant as the audience will accept the representation and not aruge against it.
  • This is of course a very negative representation of black youths in the UK which certain social classes will believe to be true, causing them to cross the road when they see a person which the media made them believe is bad.
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