Second Moroccan (Agadir) Crisis 1911

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  • Germany promised to keep out of Morocco.
  • 1910 France made a huge loan to Morocco, and took control of customs and taxes.
  • In 1910 France took a gunboat to Agadir in southern Morocco (German newspapers were angry).
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  • March 1911 there was a rebellion in northern Morocco. The Frence sent an army to defend. (angered the Germans).
  • June 1911, Germany announced that they needed protected German citizens in southern Morocco (even though there were no German  citizens in southern Morocco)
  • July 1991, Wilhelm sent a gunship Panther to Agadir. To 'rescue' one German. 
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  • War-fever in German and Britain.
  • Lloyd George attcked Germany and promised support for France ('Mansion House speech').
  • November 1911: Treaty of Berlin - Germany was forced to remove the gunship and accept instead a small piece of land in the congo. 
  • Morocco became a French colony.
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  • German resentment: Wilhelm said: 'these events have shown the German people where its enemy is'.
  • Historian written: 'the kaiser was determind not to be loser in the next crisis'.
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