Sea level rise

Vulnerable areas to sea level rise

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Three types of area are vulnerable to sea level ri

  • The world's largest river deltas (e.g. Brahmaputra - Ganges, Nile, Mississippi)
  • The areas that lie close to sea level and are already defended (e.g. the Netherlands, parts of eastern England)
  • small, low-lying islands (usually coral atolls) in the Pacific and Indian Oceans
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Bangladesh vulnerability to sea level rise

Physical factors

  • could lose up to 20% of its land
  • damage to agricultural lang
  • multiple hazard zone (river floods, coastal floods, storm surges, typhoons)

Human factors

  • would displace up to 40 million peoeple
  • 65% of the rapidly growing population are subsistence farmers

Capacity to cope

  • solutions are complex as the coast is too long to defend
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Netherlands vulnerability to sea level rise

Physical factors

  • 50% of coastal lowlands are polders (reclaimed land) - 50% below present sea level

Human factors

  • densely populated, heavily developed area

Capacity to cope

  • defended by a complex system of dykes and coastal sand dunes 
  • estimated that a 1m sea level rise would cost the Netherlands $12,000 million to defend (2005) 
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Pacific islands E.G. Kiribati and Tuvalu vulnerabi

Physical factors

  • small physical size - nowhere to go
  • low elevation (coral atolls)
  • prone to natural disasters
  • vulnerability of groundwater to contamination by sea
  • wide geographic distibution and remoteness

Human factors

  • dense and growing populations
  • rapid urbanisation

Capacity to cope

  • cost of protection is far beyond them - among the least developed countries.
  • remote - long way from aid & expensive to escape
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