Scientific ways of getting pregnant

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Sometimes women will agree to carry a baby for another women. The partners sperm is used to fertilise the surrogate mothers egg, using artifical insemination. Another way of doing it is by taking an egg from the mother and fertiliting it using the partners sperm the egg is then implanted into the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother hands the baby over at birth.

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Egg donation

A donars egg can sometimes be given to a women if he cant produce her own. It is then fertillised with her partners sperm using the IVF method. 

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IVF (in vitro fertilisation)

Hormone treatment stimulates the womens egg production. Her egg is then removed surgically and put in a test tube with the partners sperm. When the egg has fertilised and has 8 cells, up to 3 eggs are put back in the womens uterus. Also know as the test tube baby.

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