Scientific Research Method

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Nature of the Scientific Method

    has emperical aspects:- practical experiance rather than just theory

    involves being empirical (e.g. rigorous methods, replication)

    aims to understand a certain phenomenom by testing theories

    is objective and allows predictions (bias is irrelevant)

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Advantages of the Scientific Method (4)

    experiments are done in a controlled environment so extraneous variables are minimised:- establish cause and effect

   procedures are standardised so the same results can be replicated.

   the theory can be proved either right or wrong because the concept is operationalised so it is falsifiable.

   there is no bias on the research done, there are universal laws and application because it is objective.

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Disadvantages of the Scientifice Method (4)

It doesn't take into account individual differences of the p's e.g. mental disorder. Therefore is nomothetic.

Research is done in an artificial environment so it may lack ecological validity. e.g. L+P EWT

It reduces complicated behaviour to a small number of variables so various equally valid explanations are ignored. It is Reductionist. e.g. biological approach

Something of the set up of the study might make it invalid; it may lack internal validity. e.g. demand characteristics through leading questions.

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