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Crime Scene Investigators:

  • work with police
  • investigates serious crimes i. burglarys, assault, murder and reckless driving.
  • Gather & interpret info from the crime scene i.e. the burgled house, the place where assault took place etc..

The crime scene investigators job is to retrieve , examine and investigate the physical evidence that could help to trace the convict criminal. This includes...

  • taking fingerprints
  • examining victims;suspects;property and clothing for traces of forensic evidence.
  • facial identification techniques
  • collecting, recording, storing and submitting evidence.
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Environment protection

The role of environment protection officers is very varied and can range from planning consultations to investigating pollution incidents eg. oil spill.

Activities of the Environment Protection include:

  • monitoring industrial sites, e.g. chemical stores
  • testing pollution levels of water
  • educating farmers on how to keep fertilizer records.

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Officers may work for the environment agency, which collects and monitors data on environmental protection.
The services undertaken by the agency include...

  • collecting air quality data - to monitor climatic changes;
  • monitoring and protecting wildlife
  • and ensuring that hazordous waste has been disposed of correctly
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Consumer Protection

Public analysts:

  • check health and safety standards are being met
  • need to have a good understanding of chemical analysis and the law
  • They need to also be up to date with food technology.

Analysts are often employed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).
The FSA provides adviceand info to the public + goverment on food safety.

  • It monitors nutrition and diet;
  • Handles food licensing and safety;
  • Ensures that food is labelled correctly;
  • And researches food-borne illnesses.
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