Scientifc Detection

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Collecting Samples

  • Representative Samples:
  • the size of a sample depends on the test being carried out
  • samples need to be representative - enough of the sampleto give a picture of the whole item

Preservation of Samples:

  • its important for the sample to stay the same and not deteriorate etc. For this reason some need to be analysed immediatly whilst others can be stored in the appropriate conditions

Avoiding Contamination:

  • crime scene investigators wear protective clothing so as to avoid contaminating samples
  • they put samples in sealed bags
  • sometimes have to give evidence in court about possible routes of contamination

Avoiding Tampering:

  • Tamper-proof seals to ensure there's no swapping of samples - shows exactly had access to the samples


  • when, where and how to collect samples
  • how many samples to take, and quantities
  • how to store and transport the samples to the lab
  • how to avoid contamination
  • how to avoid tampering of the samples
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