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Digestion is all about making large insoluble molecules of food into smaller soluble ones- which the body can then absorb and use.

Digestion is all about breaking down food.

There are two steps to this. The fist is quick, and the second isn't

Breaking down the food MECHANICALLY, e.g Chewing with teeth

Breaking down the food CHEMICALLY- Using biological agents called enzymes

Mouth- Digestion starts her where the teeth chew and mix the food with saliva- which is a Carbohydrase enzyme. Amylase is the specific name for the carbohydrase enzyme in saliva

Gullet- Oesophagus links mouth to stomach

Stomach- The food mixes with potease enzymes with diest the proteins. Hydrochloric acid is present to kill bacteria and giva a low PH for the enzymes to work

Liver- Makes Bile which emulsifies (Breaks up) fats. Its alkaline to give right pH for enzymes in Small intestine

Pancreas- Makes threee enzymes

Large intestine- Water is absorbed

Small Intestine- Produces more enzyme to further digest proteins, Fats and carbohydrates.

Rectum- Food contains cellulose (plant material which we cant digest) Its stored as faeces Digestion end her It Plops out of the anus

Big Food moecules cant pass through Cell Walls

Enzymes used to break up big molecules to small ones. The small Molecules can pass through the gut wall into blood. They pass into Cells- Are used.

The Small Intestine is covered with Millions of villi; Villi- Tiny Finger-like projections. Villi are perfect for absorbing food because; thin outer layer of cells, Good blood supply, Large suface are for absorption

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