Science - Plant Nutrition

Plant nutrition


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  • Plants make their own food
  • Photosynthesis = chemical process - takes place in every green plant
  • Photosynthesis produces food - in form of glucose
  • Plant use the glucose to increase its biomass (grow)
  • Photosyntheis makes food using energy from sunlight
  • Photosynthesis happens in all green bits of plant (mainly leaves)
  • Plants then use aerobic respiration to get energy for the food they've made.
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Photosynthesis Equation

Photosynthesis Equation:

Carbon dioxide + Water ----------------------------> Glucose + Oxygen
         Sunlight + Chlorophyll 

  • Aerobic Respiration equation same but other way round!
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Four things needed for photosynthesis

Four Things Are Needed For Photosynthesis:

1. Sunlight

2. Chlorophyll - green stuff which changes CO2 and H20 into glocose and O2

3. Water - travels from roots

4. Carbon Dioxide - diffuses in through the holes in leaf (stomatal pores)


oxygen = diffuses out through little holes (stomatal pores)

glucose = stored as starch or taken in the veins to other bits of plant

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Four Factors Affect Photosynthesis

Four Factors Affect Photosynthesis:

1. Light - more light - faster the rate of photsynthesis

2. Water - too little water - photosynthesis slow down

3. Temperature - optimum (best level) temperature is 30*C - photosynthesis works fine up to 40*C, but over 40*C - it slows down a lot

4. Carbon Dioxide Levels - if paraffin (liquid) burnt in greenhous - co2 levels increase - so does rate of photsynthesis - which increases growth.

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