Science Module B5- Growth And Development

These are My revision cards for module B5- Growth and development.

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DNA Structure

How many dna bases are there?  What are the letter codes for the bases and which letter code do they pair to?


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DNA bases- answers

·      Each nucleotide contains a small molecule called a base. DNA has 4 different bases: ADENINE (A), CYTOSINE (C), GUANINE (G), THYMINE (T).

·      The 2 strands are held together by the bases, which always pair up in the same way-its always A&T, C&G. This is simply called base pairing.

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Production Of proteins in a cell


    How Does DNA Control The Production Of Proteins In A Cell?


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Production Of proteins in a cell- Answers


  • Cells make proteins by joining amino acids together in a particular order.
  • Its the order of the bases in a gene that tells the cell in what order to put the amino acids together.
  • Each set of three bases (called a triplet) codes for ONE amino acid.
  • DNA also determines which genes are switched on or off- and so which protein the cell produces. For Example: Keratin, which in turn determines what type of cell it is (skin cell).
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