Science: Drugs and Behaviour

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How much alcohol is there in each drink?

  • On the unit sistem an adult drinking over five units of alcohol would be over the limit to drive.
  • One unit is the same as 10cm of alcohol.
  • One pint of lager (4%) would be two units, one for each half pint, whereas one pint of strong lager (6%) would be three units.
  • One standerd glass of wine (12%) would be two units not one.
  • One pint of strong cider (6%) would be three.
  • a person may drink at lunch time and then later in the day find thay are over the limit because the alcohol has not been removed from there body yet.
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What is a drug?

  • Drugs alter our behaviour by affecting the brain.
  • They may relax a person remove pain or make them feel more energetic.
  • Some drugs are legal like caffeine and alcohol, some are perscribed such as medicines and laws restrict the use of other drugs.
  • There are stimulants whitch increase brain activity e.g. caffeine, cocaine.
  • There are depressants (or sedatives) whitch slow down the netvous system e.g. alcohol, heroin and tranquillisers.
  • There are pain-killers e.g. paracetamol.
  • There are Hallucinogens whitch causes the mind to see things.
  • When a person takes a drug thay become addicted. this means that thay will suffer withdrawl symptoms if thay dry to stop takeing the drug.
  • Herion withdrawl symptoms are after about four hours the person is restless and anxious, after about eight hours they sweat fluids and fluids are discharged from the nose and eyes, after around 16 hours the puples dilate and thay get hot and cold flushes, thay tremble and thre muscles and bones ache, after around 20 houres and inability to sleep, severe restlessness, fever and a feeling of sickness occur. Heart rate is high. this is folowed by vomiting, abdomonal pain and diarrhoea. this lasts about 6-7 days. 
  • Drug users find that thay develop a tolarance to the drug thay have to take more of the drug. 
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Is alcohol really that good?

  • alcohol is a depresant. This means it slows down the rate a persons body reacts.
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