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Atomic Sturcture

  • Protons And Neutons in Atom Nucleus
  • Atomic Number = number of Protons.
  • All Atoms of an Element have same amount protons.
  • Mass Number =  Protons No. + Neutron No.
  • Isotope: Two or more forms of an element ,with different neutron numbers.

                   Relative Charge         Relative Mass 

 Proton          +1                                 1             Postive

 Neutron          1                                 0             Neutral

 Electron        1/1836                          -1            Negative

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Periodic Table

  • 1896,Dmitri Mendeleev arranged the element in this time in a table,in order of increasing mass(In Periods(Rows)).
  • Placed elements with similar proporties in the same column (Groups).
  • He left gaps in the table to allow elements to fit the patteren.
  • Correctly predicted new elements would be discovered to fill the gaps.
  • Was able to predict properties of these element by looking at properties ofelements surrounding the element. 
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  • No. of Electrons = No. of Protons.
  • The nearer the nucleus , low energy in the electrons.
  • Electrons arrange in shells around the nucleus
  • First shell can hold 2 electrons,Second and rest can hold 8 electrons.
  • Electrons in the same group , have the same number of electrons in their outer shell
  • Number of elements
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Nice brightly coloured, easy to understand flash cards! Thanks for sharing!

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