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All living things are made up of cells. The structures of different types of cells are related to their functions. They may be specialised in order to carry out a particular job.

  • EG: Root Hair Cells: Tiny hair-like structures which increase surface area. 
  • Xylem: Long, thin, hollow cells used to transport water through the stem and root. 
  • Nerve Cells: Long, slender axons which can carry nerve impulses. 

Animal Cells:

  • Nucleus: Controls the activities of the cell. 
  • Cytoplasm: Where chemical reactions take place. 
  • Cell Membrane: Controls what goes in and out of the cell. 
  • Mitochondria: Where the most energy is released in Respiration. 
  • Ribosome's: Where Protein Synthesis occurs. 

Plant Cells:

  • Cell Wall: Used to strengthen the cell. 
  • Chloroplasts: Absorb light energy to make food. 
  • Permanent Vacuole: Filled with Cell Sap.
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