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OCR 21st century science. B5 P5 C5

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Power = Watts or Kilowatts

Energy = joules or Kilowatt/hours

Uk mains = 230 volts

Step up transformers more turns in secondary.

Step down transformers more turns on primery.

Electric current measured in Amperes.

More resistance if more appliances in circuit.

Thermistor decreases in higher temps.

Light dependant resistor decreases as light levels increase.

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Growth in moitosis organelles increase.

Mitosis produces cells identical to parent.

Meiosis produces gametes.

3 bases are used to code for each amino acid.

Times amino acid to get bases.

Amino acids in a particular protein are arranged in sequence.

Cells in a human embryo are identical untilt he eight-cell stage.

Genes in specialised cells are best described as some switched on, and some off.

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Most non-metals = molecular

Non-metals form covalent bonds.

Covalent bonding joins atoms in a molecular compund.

Ionic bonding = 'bionically' high melting and boiling points.

Covalent bonding = 'conviently' low boiling and melting.

Ionic bonding = giving not sharing.

Covalent = sharing.

Solid ionic compunds do not conduct unless molten.

Silicon dioxide = in sand

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More Chemistry

When metal is extracted carbon is oxidised.

Oxygen forms at positive electrode.

In metallic bonding metal ions are positive.

Nitrates taken in by plants.

Respiration = oxygen out of air

Photosynthesis = carbon out of air

And ester = fat compound

Metal crystals made up of positive metal ions surrounded by negative electrons.

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