Religion and Science

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Religion and Science

  • Big Bang Theory
  • Evolution
  • Creationism
  • Progressive Christians
  • Liberal Christians
  • Dawkins
  • Intelligent Design
  • Irreducible Complexity (Behe)
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Big Bang Theory

  • Edwin Hubble observed that the light from the stars became redder the further they travelled away from earth. He deduced the universe is expanding
  • By measuring the red shift Edwin calculated the speed they were travelling and the date this movement begun
  • Its start was nick named the Big Bang and postulates a cosmic explosion of enormous heat and energy from which all matter was formed
  • Big Bang occurred approximately 13.77 billion years ago
  • After the big bang the universe was an extremely hot and dense state and began expanding rapidly
  • After the expansion the universe began to cool and to allow energy to be converted into various subatomic particles including protons neutrons and electrons
  • The first element produced was hydrogen, along with traces of helium and lithium
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  • Developed by Charles Darwin
  • Came to conclusions after observations on Galapagos islands
  • All species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small inherited variations that increase the individuals ability to compete, survive and reproduce
  • The world is not constant or recently created nor perpetually cycling but steadily changing
  • Organisms are transformed in time
  • Species have evolved from one common ancestor
  • Herbert Spencer= Survival of the fittest
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  • Bible literally true
  • Creation in 6 days
  • No big bang nor evolution
  • Young earth= 6000 years (ussher: the world was created in 4004 BCE)
  • Universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation
  • Humans made in ‘image of God’
  • Modern creationists use science to support scriptures (inherent word from God)
  • Fossils are prematurely aged by God from catastrophes such as Noah’s ark
  • Dating of fossils and radiometric dating of rocks is fallible and inaccurate
  • Many creationists follow intelligent design (a posteriori [empiricist] explanation)
  • Evolution is just a theory
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Progressive Christians

  • Bible not literally true
  • Genesis 2 is a mythical story
  • Creation was in 6 phases not days
  • Reject big bang theory
  • Reject theory of evolution
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Liberal Christians

  • God is behind the big bang theory
  • God is behind the process of evolution
  • Accept science and say God is the cause of it
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  • People who believe in God are deluded
  • 4 major points:
    • Belief in God is irrational (infantile eg Santa)
    • Science shows us there is no God
    • Faith in God can be explained away on scientific grounds
    • Faith in God leads to violence
  • ‘Real scientists do not believe in God’
  • Science proves things with certainty
  • Anything worth knowing can be proved by science. Anything else is delusion, wishful thinking or madness
  • Predisposed to believe in God? Psychological need for God
  • There is no God, lots of people believe in God, therefore they invent God to meet their needs
  • Religion has caused lots of problems such as intolerance and violence
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Intelligent Design

  • The idea that the universe must have a designer rather than being the result of changed or undirected natural process
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Irreducible Complexity- Behe

  • The idea that some biological organisms are two complex to evolve without the help of and unevolved
  • Mouse trap example (Behe)-
    • Mouse trap has 5 parts that are absolutely necessary for mouse trap to function.
    • Can’t build a mouse trap by Darwinian natural selection
    • Factory use all the parts but for different purposes
    • If you put them in a cupboard and mice invade the factory they cannot spontaneously self assemble
    • The pieces must be put together by someone
  • Cilium example (Behe) (tiny hair wafting mucus [that traps bacteria] out of body) = part of us that needs external influence to explain it. Like the mousetrap, it has all the properties of design and none of the properties of natural selection
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Irreducible Complexity- Dembski

  • Attacks notion  of randomness from mathematical point of view
  • Living organisms exhibit extraordinary precise, complex, specified information
  • Likens to combination lock-
    • Improbable to randomly get correct combination
    • Just like the probability of matter being correctly arranged to produce the first form of life
    • The idea the universe has evolved without God is impossible
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Other Views

  • Peter Atkins
  • Keith Ward
  • Edwin Hubble
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Morris and Whitcomb
  • Philip Gosse
  • Colin Humphrey
  • Rev. Dr John Polkinghorne
  • Professor Fred Hoyle
  • Darwin
  • Rev Arthur Peacocke
  • Denis Alexander
  • Professor Michael Behe
  • ETC
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