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1.a. Paint is a _______________. It is a mixture of _________________, _______________ and ____________.

2.What does each ingredient above do?

3. What are the two stages of oil-based paints drying?

4. What are thermochromic paints?

5.How are phosphorescent paints "glow in the dark"?

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1.colloid; binding medium; solvent;pigment

2.Binding medium:oil sticks pigment to surface

solvent:dissolves thick binding medium

pigment:coloured, finely powdered solid

3. 1.Solvent evaporates away.

2.Oil-binding medium reacts with oxygen in the air(oxidation reaction)

4.They become colourless as they get hotter.

5.They absorb and store energy and release it as light when it's dark

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1.How do photocells work?

2.What two factors can be changed to increase the power of a photocell?

3.What are a.2 advantages and b.disadvantages of using photocells?

4. How does passive solar heating heat up a room?

5.Wind turbines transform _____________energy into ______________________energy.

6.What are 2.advantages and b.disadvantages of wind turbines?

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1.Sun's energy is absorbed by the photocell, electrons are knocked loose from silicon atoms, electrons flow freely in the same direction all the time(this creates a direct current (DC)).

2.A bigger surface exposed to the light, increase in light intensity

3.aRenewable source of energy, no pollution, have a long life. b. expensive to buy, no power at night or in bad weather

4.visible light passes through glass into a room, light absorbed by objects in the room, emit infrared light, infrared light can't pass through glass so it reflected back into the room.

5.kinetic energy into electrical energy

6.a.renewablle source of energy, no chemical pollution, sturdy b. dependent on the wind, cause visual pollution

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1.What's the difference between population and community?

2.Define ecosystem

3.True or false?

a.Natural ecosystems have high biodiversity

b.Artificial ecosystems aren't altered by humans

c.Weedkillers, fertilisers and pesticides are used in artificial ecosystems to prevent other animals growing alongside crops. This leads to low biodiversity.

4. When sampling, what 2 factors should you take into consideration?

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1.Population is total number of individual of the same species whereas community is the number of individuals of all different populations

2.Physical environment with a particular set of conditions and all organisms that live in it.




4.Whether you have taken a big enough sample(makes results a good estimate), whether you have sampled randomly (more likely to be a representative of population)

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1.Name 3 differences between the animal and plant kingdom.

2.Why are a.fungi, and b.euglena, hard to classify?

3.Define species

4.Why are hybrids not classified as species?

5.What are 2 reasons why orgnisms have similar characteristics?

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1. Plants can't move, can photosynthesise, have celloulose cell walls, have roots and shoots

2.a.Fungi can't move around, can't photosynthesise, have spreading hyphae not roots.

b.Euglena can photosynthesise, can move around

3.Species-group of organisms wit hsimilar characteristics, they can reproduce to produce fertile offspring.

4.They are infertile

5.They may have a common ancestor or evolved in the same environment

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1.What materials are used to make...

a.Glass b.cement c.concrete

2.Why is marble harder than limestone?

3.What are the products of the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate?

4. Reinforced concrete is a composite material. It contains concrete and steel-why are they used?

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1a.sand b.limestone and clay c. limestone, sand gravel and water

2.Marble is a metamorphic rock made from limestone(which is a sedimentary rock) that has been put under pressure and heated.

3.calcium oxide and carbon dioxide the strength and flexibility of steel is combined with the hardness of concrete

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1.How can you increase the current generated by the dynamo effect?

2.What is the difference between an alternating current and a direct current?

3.What is the frequency of an alternating current?

4. Name the stages of producing electricity in a power station.

5.Why are transformers used to transmit electricity through power lines and what do they do?

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1.use a stronger magnet, more turns in the coil of wire, moving the magnet/coil faster

2.alternating current is when the direction is always changing

3.number of complete cycles in a second

4.fuel is burned,heat boils water to produce steam, steam drives turbines which drive generators, generators produce electricity

5.Transformers increase the voltage and reduce the current. This reduces energy lost through heat.

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-It is medical help given to people to enable them to have children.

Types: AIH(sperm from husband is injected into womb) AID(sperm from sperm bank is injected into womb), IVF(eggs fertilised in test tube and implanted into mother's womb)

Most Christians believe it's ok for science to help couples to conceive as long as it doesn't involve others. RC don't agree as sperm comes from unnatural sex act-AIH fails couple should adopt. IVF is appropriate if wife's egg and husband's sperm are used. AID and egg donation-less favourable. RC against IVF as spare embryos are thrown away-life begins at fertilisation so this is like murder.

-Only God can bring life BUT God gave us free will


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"Hannah had no children as the Lord had closed her womb."

"Love your neighbour as yourself"

"Do not murder"

"Go forth and multiply"

Children are important in marriage

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