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The planets spin as they orbit the sun. It takes the earth 24 hours to make a complete turn on its axis, this is why a day in the UK is 24 hours long. In the day time we are facing the sun and at night we are facing the sun.

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The Seasons

Uk in the summer the sun is tilted on the axis facing the sun therefor we gain more heat.

In uk in winter the earth is tilted away from the sun giving us less heat and light energy.

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comets are made in a huge cloud called a oort cloud.

they are made from frozen gases and dust.

sometimes a comit is spat out from the oort cloud so it can orbit the sun.

as the comet gets nearer to the sun it breaks apart.

cmets have tails.

they are mainly made of ice

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Big rocks from space

Billions of asteroids orbit the sun

they move around the sun slowly

they are smaller than 1km across

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basic stuff

how many hours a day? -24 hours

Why do we not see the moon at all times? -as it orbits the earth parts are shadowed

why are some countries hotter than others? -it depends on how much of the northern and sounthern hemisphere is exposed to the sun light

how long does it take for the moon to orbit the sun? 28 days

why do the seasons change? - the earths orbitting the sun

how many days in a year? -365.5

whats the earths natural satelite? -the moon

by how many degrees is the earth tilted? 23.5

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