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science-keeping healthy

bacteria are living things which cause decay and some diseses. they are microscopic organisms-live in large intestine-help digest food- can cause vomiting tuberculocis, meningitus, diarrhoea-similar structure to normal cells but without nucleus. it has dna strands controlling what happens and how it reproduces.

viruses-microscopic organisms-smaller than bacteria-doesnt need food to supply with energy-contains strand of dna-need to enter another cell to reproduce-has a shell of protein surrounding.

white cells destroy bacteria by squeezing through capillary walls. white cells come out by pus from spots.

anitbodies are chemicals made from other white cells, these kill microbes.

becoming immune to a disese means you have the same disese again but not as long because your antibodies know what to do and react quicker.

if you dont finish the course of subscribed antibiotics you can get the disese much worse but the anitbiotics wont work again.

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