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A cow is eating grass that gives it 100 total ener

0.01 is the efficiency 

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The energy in faeces can be used in other organism

broken down by decomposers such as dung beetles or insects

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in autumn, leaves from the tree fall to the ground

bacteria decompose or decay leaves then ammonia forms, nitrifying bacteria which converts ammonia to nitrates

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Suggest and explain one adaptation an animal can h

-thick fur can insulate their body

-small ears or short legs because there is less surface area for the blood to heat.

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lichen have biochemical adaptations that help them

They contain enzymes with lower optimum temperatures which contain antifreeze but the cells dont freeze as this would damage the cells.

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How do fertilisers increase crop yield?

Fertilisers replace essential elements used by the previous crop to build plant protein.

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why would a factory use the conditions of an iron

catalyst- speeds up reaction

high pressure- increases percentage yeild 

high temperature- gives high rate of reaction

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Name one advantage and one disadvantage of quarryi

disadvantages- increased noise, increased traffic, increased dust, destruction of landscape, destruction of habitats, loss of tourism

advantages- provides materials (required for construction), provides jobs,
companies required to reconstruct landscape, economic benefits for the local area,
reduces need to import materials 

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Whats the advantages of making car bodies using al

aluminium has a lower density than steel so it will give better fuel economy plus aluminium does not corrode so the car body will last longer

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describe how copper can be purified by electrolysi

anode is impure copper but cathode is pure copper and electrolyte is copper sulfate solution. cathode gains mass as copper is deposited so the anode loses mass as copper dissolves from the process

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which type of radiation is used for NDT?

gamma as its the only radiation tha can penetrate dense metal

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how can NDT detect air gaps in iron?

greater amount of radiation is detected if an air gap is present

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when nuclear radiation passes through air it ionis

the atoms become charged by loss or gain electrons

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nuclear radiation can damage human cells but how?

it damages DNA which can cause cancer, mutation or infertility 

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describe and explain the properties of a black hol

no light can escape a black hole because it has a very strong gravitational attraction 

due to its large mass

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light from distanced galaxies have more red shift

distanced galaxies move away faster

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