Schubert - De Doppleganger

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Schubert - De Doppleganger

Stylistic Features: Bare 5th chords, Melisma, German lied, Chromatic harmony, Through-Composed, Romote modulation, Dominant pedal, Tierce de Picardie, Dissonance - suspensions/appogiaturas, MDH

Structure: Through-composed, strophic, 3 verses, piano - intro, postlufe, 2 brief interludes

Melody: Syllabic, Melisma (54-56), Wordpainting - stillness, Conjunct, Leaps of 4th/5th, Climatic F#, Turn (21), Appoggiaturas.

Harmony: Functional, Bare 5th chords, Slow harmonic rhythm, Dominant pedal, False relations, Neapolitan 6th, Augmented 6th, Plagal Cadance 

Texture: Homophonic, Piano part is homorhtyhmic, Parallel doubling, Voice - main interest

Tonality: B minor, Hint of D major in ostinato 2, Ostinato 3 - major 3rd above (tertiary relationship)

Rhythm: 3/4, Quasi Recitative, Strong syllables long and accented, Weak syllables unaccented

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