Schizophrenia: Classification and Diagnosis

Revision cards to help revise the classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia. Subject available in all other forms of revision on the website.

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Definition of Schizophrenia

A psychotic illness that is characterised by a lack of contact with reality.

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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

Developed in the USA and used in the UK

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International Classification of Diseases

Developed in Europe and used in the UK

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Positive symptoms

Positive symptoms are those that reflect an excess of normal functioning.

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Bizarre and unreal beliefs that the schizophrenic holds to be true but in fact are not. They include paranoia and delusions of grandeur. 

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Unreal perceptions of the surrounding environment. They are usually auditory in schizophrenics but can also be olfactory, tactile or visual.

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Disordered thinking

The feeling that thoughts or feelings have been inserted or withdrawn by a higher power. Sometimes it is believed that thoughts are being broad casted. 

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Experiences of control

The belief that they are under control from a higher power, such as alien force or God. 

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Negative symptoms

Negative symptoms are those that reflect a decrease or lack of normal functioning. 

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Affective flattening

A reduction in the range of emotional expression. Often mistaken for lack of interest. 

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poverty of speech. Shown through lack of communication and lessened speech fluency and productivity. 

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The reduction or inability to create and aim towards goals

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