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When did DSM V come out?


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what are the positive symptoms of schizophrenia?

Halucination, delusions, disorganised speech, catatonic behaviour and paranoia

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what is criterion B?

Social occupational dysfunction

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what is criterion C?


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what are the subtypes of schizophrenia?

Catatonic, hebephrenic, undifferentiated, residual and paranoid

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what does the rule of thirds state?

1/3 will recover completely

1/3 will have episodic impairment (stay the same)

1/3 will undergo chronic decline

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what did Brown and Birley find?

They found that 50% of schizophrenic episodes happened when they had a life event 3 weeks prior. whereas 12% did 9 weeks prior.

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What research did Hirsch do?

Hirsch followed 71 Schizophrenic patients over 48 weeks. He found that life events (LE) made a cumulaive contribution in the 12 months preceding relapse rather than a more concentrated effect in period just prior to schizophrenic episode.

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What did Bateson find?

He found out about the double bind theory. children who get contradictory messages from their parents are more likely to develop schizophrenia. prolonged exposure can lead to incoherent construction of reality. In the long run this can lead to SZ symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations.

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what did Linzen say?

He said that schizophrenics with families with high levels of expressed emotions are 4 times more likely to relapse.

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Did Scheff support or counter the social labelling


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What part of socio-cultural factors does Zubin and

Diathesis stress model

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What is the definition for reliability?

Ability to repeat the test time and time again and still get the same/similar results

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What is the definition for validity?

Does the test measure what it claims to measure?

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what is an agreeable concordance rate?

80% and over

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What is two reason why schizophrenia is hard to di

subjective interpretation and the number of subtypes

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How many psychiatrists met and discussed the DSM i


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Two A03 points about Beck's research?

Low ecological validity

Low temporal validity

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How many patients were in Becks research?


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How many people were involved in Rosenhan's resear


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