What is it?

Schizophernia is a mental health condtion that is severe- disruptive impairing a Person’s sense of reality and disturbing emotions.

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  • being withdrawn
  • neglecting personal care 
  •  hearing imaginary
  • voices 
  • having irrational beliefs, e.g. thoughts being controlled
  • expressing inappropriate emotions, e.g. laughing at bad news 
  • rambling speech –switching topic rapidly 
  • delusions- persecution/ trivial events having deep significance 
  • Impaired concentration 
  • agitation  
  •  slow movement/thought 
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  • Genetics
  • Brain development
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Pregnancy and birth complications
  • Stress
  • Drug abuse
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  • anti-psychotic drugs 
  • neuroleptic drugs 
  •  cognitive behavioural therapy 
  • arts therapy 
  • family therapy 
  • counselling 
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Physical Impact

On the indivdual 

  • lacking energy for everyday tasks, e.g. not looking after her family
  • may be at risk of suicide,
  • harm themselves when behaving irrationally

On the family 

  • they might find it  difficult to cope with the person who has a the disease 
  • having to look after  to them because they can’t physically look after themselves 
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Intellectual impact

On the indivdual

  • being unable to concentrate at school/ learn like others
  • Odd or irrational statements
  • Forgetful; unable to concentrate
  • Extreme reaction to criticism
  • Strange use of words or way of speaking

On the family 

  • Make you feel guilt
  • Make you think that you can’t help them 
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Emotional Impact

On the indivdual

  • Upset/angry 
  •  confused 
  •  suspicious of others 
  • feel agitated  

On the family 

  • feel paranoid 
  • confused 
  • sad- seeing one of your loved one talking to themselves
  • anxiety  
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Social Impact

On the indivdual 

  • friends/family/others may be reluctant to interact with her 
  • find it difficult to maintain a close emotional/sexual relationship
  • withdrawn/isolated 
  •  majority of contact they has may be with care professionals 
  • feeling uncomfortable around others 

On the family 

  • won’t be able to catch up with the person who has it as they will try and remove themselves from any social events 
  • be embarrassed to bring friends home 
  • find it difficult to communicate with them 
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Financial Impact

On the indivdual

  • might have miss out  work because of doctor appointment 
  • education- won’t be able to concentrate in lessons 

On the family 

  • Might have to have time of work to support them in anything for example a doctor appointment 
  • Cause them to give up work if the condition gets worse 
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