scales of production

ONE OFF PRODUCTION - this is when one product is made at one perticular time. it could be a prototype or a very intricate object. 'one-off' production usually takes a long time which very often results in the product being expensive. a typical product could be a display for a exhibition stand.

BATCH PRODUCTION - a series of products (which are all the same) are made together in either small or large quantities. once made, another series of products may be produced using the same equipment and workforce. a typical product could be a stool.

MASS PRODUCTION - this involves the product going through various stages on a production line where the workers at a perticular stage are resonsable for a certian part of the product. it usually involves the product being produced for days or even weeks and in large numbers. this sort of production results in the product being relatively expensive but production could be halted if a problem occurs at any stage of the production line. a typical product could be a car.

CONTIUOUS PRODUCTION - this is where the product is continually produced over a period of hours, days or even years. this sort of production very often results in the product being relatively inexpensive. a typical product could be wood screws.

'JUST IN TIME' PRODUTION - this involves the arrival of component parts at exactly the time they are needed at the factory. 'just in time' allows for less storage space thereby saving costly wherehousing. however, if the supply of components is stopped, the production line stops which then becomes very costly.

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