Scale of Production

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One off Production

- Make one of a kind products one by one

- Advantages: Can be used for all sort of things, meet customers' exact requirement

- Disadvantage: Labour intensive, Highly skilled workers, Time consuming

- Examples: Made-to-measure furniture, Paintings

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Batch Production

- Make specific quantitiy of a product - called a batch.

- You do one process on the whole batch then do another process

Advantages: Can be repeated, Load of one product

- Disadvantages: Machinery and Workforce need to be flexible, Downtime waste money

- Examples: Leaflets, Brochures, Posters

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Mass Production

- Make thousand of identical products

- Process broken down into repetitive tasks down an assembly line

- Advantages: Mass-market product, Identical, No need highly skilled labours

- Disadvantages: Expensive specialised equipment, CAD/CAM, Works become boring

- Examples: Newspaper, Magazines

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Continuous Production

- Runs continuously, without interruption, 24 hours a day

- Advantages: More efficient, Cost per item is cheap

- Disadvantages: Expensive equipment

- Examples: Chocolate bar packaging

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Just in Time Production

- Materials and Components delivered as needed and used as soon as it is delivered

- Advantages: Save storage space, Less money tied up in materials, Less waste of products as Unsold products don't pile up

- Disadvantages: Must maintain good relationship with suppliers, May not meet customer demands, Materials need to be delivered on time and fault free

- Examples: Normally products that does not have huge no of demands such as Customized suits

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Increase in Production Changes How You Work

One off --> Mass Production

One off - Workers do Process in turn

Mass Production - Different people work on different parts

    + Change production method and order to do things to make it efficient

    + Equipment to do particular tasks may change too

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