Scalars and Vectors


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Scalars and Vectors

Scalars only have magnitude (size).

  • mass
  • tempurature
  • time
  • length
  • speed
  • energy

Vectors have magnitude and direction.

  • displacement
  • force
  • velocity
  • acceleration
  • momentum
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Adding Vectors

Adding vectors involves pythagoras and trigonometry.

Adding two or more vectors is called finding the resultant of them.

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Practice Questions.

1)   Explain the difference between a scalar quantity and a vector quantity.

2)   Jemima has gone for a swin in a river which is flowing at 0.35m/s. She swims at 0.18m/s at right angles to the current. Show that her resultant velocity is 0.39m/s at an angle of 27.2 degrees to the current.

3)   Jemima is pulling on her lead with a force of 40N at an angle of 26 degree below the horizontal. Show that the horizontal component of this force is about 36N.

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