Random Sampling

This is where every nth person is chosen for example and n is random number, also with a big population it could be very costly and tame wasting

Stratisfied sampling 

This is when a specific group that has spersific charicteristics needs to be servayed. 


This involves a small group that represent a larger group


This is where a set approch is done eg every hundreth person

Convenience Sampling

This is the most frequently used it is just asking anyone in the desired group

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Short Term Finance


This is used to improve the cash flow of the business and not to buy capital equipment

Short-term Loan

It is usally used to purchse specefic machinery or raw materials and is repaid over a certain amount of time. Unlike a loan it is a specefic amount of money

Trade Credit

It is where a business can take a delivery of goods and not have topay for it right away


A business can sell there debts to a factoring company in exchange for money, it will increse the imidiate cash.

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