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Salty Food

Made by collecting sea water + evaporating it.

Salt added to food to:

  • Prevent bacteria + fungi.
  • Add flavouring.
  • Preserve items such as fish or bacon.

Risks + Hazards

  • Raises blood pressure.
  • Strokes.
    • 1 in 1000 die.
  • Serious health conditions.
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Extracting Salt for Chemical Uses

Sodium Chloride.

Salt obtained from underground.

1. Water pumped down into salt deposits.

2. Salt dissolves and froms brine.

3. It is pumped to the surface.

Solution mining is cheaper.

Brine is a concentrated solution derived from long-standing urine.

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Problems with Extraction

  • Large holes underground causing the ground to sink.
  • Soil contaminated, plants die.
  • Rivers/ponds become salty, no animals/plants can survive.
  • Half the salt is left to stop the roof from collapsing.
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